Cross Dock Xpress has the ability to handle a variety of your Import/Export needs when it comes to Storage, Transportation, and Logistics. Give us a call and ask about these services to find out all we can do for you!

Import Cross Dock Services – By using import cross dock services our customers have found that they can eliminate storage costs on inbound freight, and consolidate freight to obtain an overall savings in freight costs.

Import Storage – Do you need a place to store your imported inventory while you sell it? We have the capacity and Experience to store your Dry & Cold Freight in our Facility for as long as needed. We can also provide Shipping, Quality Inspections, and More.

Expedited Distribution – Our NW Facility location gives customers whose products are entering the country from overseas an important advantage. Due to our strategic location 2Hrs from the Seattle Port, your product will be expedited for distribution in the smallest time frame possible.

Truck Load

With our cloud based TMS we currently handle shipments out of Washington state both LTL, and FTL. We can provide flat rate services so no added in cost after the price is agreed upon.

Consolidated Services

Many of our customers have us pick up for them at multiple locations,then consolidate orders here at our facility, where they can come in relax get loaded in correct drop order without having to make multiple picks!

Advanced TMS

With our advanced TMS system we our capable of allowing our customers through a cloud based portal to sign on and view where there shipment is at any time. Never worry about on time deliveries or where your product is!