Cross Docking


Cross docking is an effective solution leveraged to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs. It allows clients to route product from one or multiple manufacturing site(s) to our distribution center strategically located near to the designated customer population. Product is shipped in bulk from manufacturing plants to Cross Dock where it is deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered.

Cross docking is a sound strategy for companies that:

Find they are consistently shipping from manufacturing site(s) to multiple customers, resulting in frequent and costly small less-than-truckload shipments that have to travel long distances.

Require the unloading and merging of bulk shipments from various points of manufacture for the combining of specified SKU’s to fulfill individual or store orders.

Have a regional customer base that is far from the origin of manufacture and demands a short delivery window between the time of order placement and the requested delivery date.

Do not have the physical space, equipment, labor, or materials required for special order fulfillment, palletizing, labeling and packaging activities at their manufacturing site.

Wish to reduce the amount of excess inventory stored at their own facility or manufacturing site, either to reduce inventory carrying costs or simply due to limited available space. Just ask about our cross docking services which include,

  • Over-Axle Adjustments
  • Over Gross Cutting
  • Load Re-Arrangements

We Can Handle Any Cross Docking Needs!!

Truck Load

With our cloud based TMS we currently handle shipments out of Washington state both LTL, and FTL. We can provide flat rate services so no added in cost after the price is agreed upon.

Consolidated Services

Many of our customers have us pick up for them at multiple locations,then consolidate orders here at our facility, where they can come in relax get loaded in correct drop order without having to make multiple picks!

Advanced TMS

With our advanced TMS system we our capable of allowing our customers through a cloud based portal to sign on and view where there shipment is at any time. Never worry about on time deliveries or where your product is!